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Inhaler Technique Guidance

User AvatarPosted by Clifford Gibbs at 24/01/2017 15:27:06

Incorrect use of inhalers reduces any potential benefit of the medication, so respiratory guidelines recommend that patients are carefully taught how to use prescribed inhalers and this should be checked on every contact with a healthcare professional. 

PrescQIPP have produced some prompt sheets for patient review and instructional videos for a wide range of the most popular inhalers.  The index of available resources is available here with easily accessible links to the checklist documents* and instructional videos.

In addition a one-page quick reference guide has been produced that can also be printed and used as a poster.

Written instructions alone on how to use an inhaler are insufficient so the videos provide useful additional guidance.  Videos are available covering most of the most popular inhalers:

Accuhaler, Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI), Breezhaler, Easi-Breathe, Easyhaler, Ellipta, Autohader, Genuair, Handihaler, NEXThaler, Novolizer, Respimat, Turbohaler, Spiromax and Fospiro.

It should also be noted that theUK Inhaler Group have published Inhaler Standards and a Competency Document, which can be viewed by clicking here.

*Note that, for ease of access, the links are to documents on the Canterbury & Coastal CCG website but are identical to those on all four of the East Kent Clinical Commissioning Groups (Ashford, Canterbury & coastal, South Kent Coast and Thanet).

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