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Health app receives 11,000 hits

User AvatarPosted by Amanda Crawford at 24/03/2014 16:55:30

The free NHS Health Help Now phone and web app has chalked up more than 11,000 hits in its first three months.

The average visit lasts 3mins 47secs – suggesting people are looking at the advice and services available for different symptoms. Since its launch in December it has had 11,000 visits from 7,000 users.

Dr Tony Martin, Chair of NHS Thanet Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “Even when people have a minor injury or illness, they sometimes end up going to A&E. 

“But the Health Help Now app can help many avoid an unnecessary wait in A&E. It’s simple to use, and with just a few clicks, users are able to find the most suitable healthcare service for their needs.

“Roughly 40 per cent of those who go to A&E leave without any treatment. But we hope that the app will play a part in reducing the number of unnecessary trips to A&E.”

The app, which covers east Kent, north Kent and Medway, is proving so popular, other parts of England are also interested in using it.  It works on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers and suggests the most appropriate local health service at any time of the day or night. Select your symptoms, type in where you are and the app does the rest.

Using the app can help people get the advice they are looking for with no need to go to A&E. The app has information and advice for people of every age, from babies and teenagers to adults and the elderly.

It lists common symptoms and offers suggestions for treatment. If you need a pharmacist, for example, it will work out the nearest one to you which is open and give directions.

A more advanced interactive version which allows personal information to be recorded is also being developed for smartphones.

To access the app visit www.healthhelpnow-nhs.net, follow it on Twitter @NHSHealthHelp or like its Facebook page at www.facebook.com/nhshealthhelpnow

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