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Thanet aiming for the best healthcare available

User AvatarPosted by Bobbie Walkem-Smith at 31/05/2013 10:40:21

The governing body of NHS Thanet Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has held its first meeting in public, and declared an ambition for local people to receive the best healthcare available.

Taking place on Tuesday 28 May at Thanet's Global Generation Church, the meeting was attended by members of the public and representatives from community and voluntary organisations.

All present were able to pose questions to the governing body, including the CCG’s Clinical Chair, Dr Tony Martin.

The priorities, aims and aspiration of the CCG – which buys 80 per cent of Thanet’s healthcare – were explained to the audience, along with the financial challenges facing the CCG’s £190 million budget.

The group also went on to outline health needs facing Thanet, such as cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases and dementia, which require a concerted effort to tackle.

Dr Martin said: “We want everyone in Thanet to want for themselves and to get the very best healthcare available, and that’s why we place so much emphasis on quality in everything that we do. The CCG is led by local clinicians, who have an in-depth knowledge of the area, and this gives us a strong foundation on which to build our work.

“Some diseases, such as dementia pose particular challenges, because those they affect are vulnerable members of society, and sufferers may have multiple other long- term health conditions.

“But by thinking laterally and working in partnership with local agencies, and local authorities, we can look to make significant improvements to many people’s quality of life.”

He added: “I’m very grateful for the feedback that we received at our first governing body meeting in public. It was good to see that the people of Thanet share our commitment to the area’s healthcare.”

For more information about NHS Thanet Clinical Commissioning Group, and details of future meetings in public, please click here.

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