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Self-monitoring of blood glucose

User AvatarPosted by Hayley Smith at 26/08/2014 10:37:07

The principle measure of glucose control in diabetic patients is HbA1c. This is used by healthcare professionals to assess glucose control over a period of time (weeks to months). Therefore it is not necessary for all type 2 diabetics to undertake self-monitoring of blood glucose routinely.

NICE recommend that self-monitoring is available to certain groups of type 2 patients and CCG recommendations are based on the NICE guidelines.  Patients will be advised by their GP or diabetes nurse if they need to undertake self testing and what regimen is appropriate for them. It is important to discuss any issues or concerns with your GP or nurse at your next review appointment.

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Posted by Bobbie Walkem-Smith at 21/08/2014 14:25:17