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East Kent clinical commissioning groups to work more closely together

User AvatarPosted by Daniel Harper at 07/08/2018 09:55:21

Following their annual assessment by their regulator, NHS England, the four east Kent clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) have been placed in special measures.

The key reasons for this are:

  • the financial position of the CCGs in east Kent
  • issues with the quality of services they commission
  • the need for more effective east Kent-wide working to resolve these challenges.

Caroline Selkirk, East Kent Managing Director, said: “As is well-known, the system in east Kent is financially challenged. It is also missing a number of key national targets for patient care, including the number of people waiting more than four hours in the hospitals’ emergency departments to be admitted, transferred or discharged. 

“It is clear the clinical commissioning groups need to work much more closely together to resolve these issues.

“We see being placed in ‘special measures’ as an opportunity to develop a shared approach to the challenges we face, both as CCGs and with our partners, and to transform the way we look after frail older people and people with complex health and care needs.

“This will see people getting far more joined-up care resulting in less time in hospital beds, which is much better for them, and will enable hospital staff to deliver the specialist care and treatment only they can provide.

“We have already created a shared management team, developed a shared financial recovery plan, and have started to strengthen and streamline the way we work.

“These changes will help us move at pace to deliver the best achievable health and healthcare for local people, and make better use of our staff and funds.

“We are also working hard with our partners on a ‘pre-consultation business case’ for changing the way health services in east Kent are organised and delivered. This is key to the long-term clinical and financial future of the system.

“I am confident that we will get this right and build a system that works for patients and that we can all be proud of.”


Being placed in special measures was the automatic result for NHS Ashford, Canterbury and Coastal, and South Kent Coast CCGs of being rated ‘inadequate’ in the 2017/18 annual NHS England assessment process, which looks at quality of health, quality of care, sustainability and leadership for all the CCGs in the country.

NHS Thanet CCG was rated ‘requires improvement’ in its 2017/18 assessment but was placed in special measures with its neighbours because it shares the same challenges and this ensures the whole system can move ahead together.

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