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Improving healthcare in Thanet

User AvatarPosted by Daniel Harper at 27/02/2019 13:54:41

We have held public meetings, regularly talk to representatives from the patient participation group, and, since June 2017, we have been holding regular “Esther Cafes” with people who use NHS and care services, to hear what you think is important and what changes you want to see. 

In May 2016 we held a workshop about “Delivering Integrated Care In Thanet” and produced this report. 

You Said

The main things you told us you want are:

  • a one stop shop, where you can go to access the vast majority of the health and social care services you need in one place
  • joined-up teams to look after people with more complicated needs, so you get care for all your needs and you only have to tell your story once
  • more effort on keeping people healthy – prevention is better than cure.

We Did

Based on this, we are working really hard to make sure we deliver the “community hubs” you asked for, where you can be treated by health and social care professionals working individually and together, and where you can improve your own health.

We are delighted to have been allocated £6.5million NHS funding for an extension to Bethesda Medical Centre to kick off this new approach in Margate. At the Bethesda site, we propose to create a state of the art health facility which will allow everyone to get all the medical and nursing services they expect in much more modern and accessible space, with:

  • enough consulting rooms for GPs and nurses to provide care for up to 32,000 patients
  • clinics for physiotherapy, audiology, ophthalmology, ultrasound and minor surgery for patients from Margate and beyond
  • space for integrated teams of GPs, nurses, community and mental health professionals and voluntary organisations to work together, coordinating treatment and support for individual patients with complicated health problems
  • education and training space for medical staff during the week, which can be used by patient groups in the evenings and at weekends
  • a café, community kitchen, gym for physio, outside gym area, allotment, and more, to help you lead a healthier lifestyle
  • a bigger pharmacy

In November 2018 we produced a report about Margate engagement on development of services for new Bethesda facility